We can accommodate whatever reasons you may have for hiring a business lawyer in Toronto. As one of the foremost legal firms in the Toronto area, we take great pride in our range of quality services that deliver total satisfaction and value to our clients. We cover an expansive range of fields and concerns in corporate and business law. Our team of legal professionals bring extensive experience with a reputation for quality that goes beyond the Toronto legal industry.

Mergers and acquisitions
We are especially skilled at handling business and corporate concerns such as mergers and acquisitions, venture capital investment, investment transactions, financial consultation, settlement and conflict resolution, and more. With our wide range of services, our lawyers can handle any legal concern you may have regarding your business.

One of the things we do best is assisting our clients develop or startup a business. With a stellar track record of facilitating and advising clients on sales and purchases, we offer valuable counsel and the comprehensive information that you need in order to ensure a successful transaction.

Sale and purchase consultancy
We are fully qualified and prepared to work with companies of any size. Whether you are a small company looking to make a mark in your chosen field or an established multinational firm with a goal toward expansion, we are the law firm that can help make your goals a reality. We work closely with your own finance and accounting team in order to gain a keener understanding of your company’s strengths, and to pinpoint and develop areas where you are deficient. We can even recommend revision and restructuring advice that can help your company achieve maximum profitability and value.

Our merger and acquisition expertise is a large part of our renowned services and we are prepared to offer you a comprehensive range of legal advice and solutions that can considerably ease your growth and expansion. We can pinpoint promising acquisition targets, assist you in securing funding, and even facilitate negotiations with lending and financial institutions. We can also handle every aspect of the merger process, ensuring that every transaction works out to your best interest.

Advice on securing financing
Helping our clients secure financing is a large part of what we do best and you will find that our private equity and venture capital assistance could be just what you need to push your company to the next level. Our business lawyers have a comprehensive knowledge of all the legal aspects of professionally managed funds, private equity, and venture capital dealings. We also bring to the table a unique insight into the market with valuable data and information drawn from our extensive range of contacts and long years of experience in the industry.

Wills, trusts, and estate advice and management
Our range of services also encompasses wills, trust and estates. Whether you are looking to pass ownership of your business or you want to keep track of your assets, we are the most qualified law firm for the job. With our vast range of quality services, we could be the most essential factor in your company’s success.

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